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Tide Pools

Updated: May 14, 2020

The tide began to roll out on the shores of Uluwatu, leaving behind gifts of wonder wrapped in the guise of bright green algae surrounding tide-pools teeming with life. A whole world in merely six inches of water. Sea centipedes crawled over clams and rocks. Anemones closed up at my touch. Their world was so colorful and complex. Wiry starfish crawled along the walls and over my hand as I reached in to pick them up.

The most beautiful world I’d ever seen was available only to those curious enough look.

I don’t think of myself as particularly brave, most of the things I do are merely to prove to myself I can. However, traveling has captured me in a totally different way. There’s nothing to prove to myself or anyone else- only stories to pay attention to. I’ve learned just as much from watching the mountain, outside my window, change with the seasons as I have a priest. Anyway, the point is- the most beautiful world awaits when we replace fear with curiosity.

I ran back to grab my friend, “You’ve got to come see this!” I tiptoed along the shore,

paying attention to the wonder of the world, which would continue in all its glory long after I left. I was merely a spectator marveling at this place we get to call home, our earth. I’m sure she laughs at us sometimes, our earth, and the things we think we know. I’m sure she cries some times too. Wandering gratefully through the coves with the sun setting, we realized a beach bar-bq was being set up. Ordering the catch of the day, we indulged in the delight of the present, a cold beer, fresh grouper and prawn, and after the sun was long set, drove our motorbike home.

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