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Hindsight, is a collection of poems cataloguing Laura's reflections on the global and her own personal journey throughout this past year. Laura started the year with a New Year's mindset of "Release what's not yours to keep." In light of 2020, she marvels at how she could have never guessed all this year had in store. From a global pandemic to the death of her beloved grandma, and her own struggle with mental health,

Laura takes the reader on a journey, through her most personally intimate writings yet. 


Laura says, "Releasing the grief of this year is a part of making room for something new. I get that doesn’t have to be a public releasing to make meaning of it. But per usual, if it brings someone else along in the process of becoming- I’m here for it. I guess I hope it serves as a balm to our collective wound, even if it’s just my own. If you find yourself in the midst of the hard and heavy- or recovering from the hard and heavy- I hope it makes ya feel a little less alone, a little more seen, and a lot more loved.

Because you are.

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