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L A U R A   M I L L E R   W R I T E S

On Responsibility

Updated: May 7, 2020

Who is more free?

The bird who has never known a cage?

Or the bird who once held captive, is now released?

Which one feels more deeply?

And what about the bird whom while born free, cages themselves?

For every day, is freedom not a choice?

Yet every time you seek the external voice for a choice which was never theirs to make,

you help build the cage.

Every time you seek permission to live the life which is inherently yours to live, to create,

you open the door.

And when you give up your voice to speak what you mean, ask for what you need, and stand for the worth of your words- no matter how small, feeble, and afraid those words may be- you close the door and lock it.

For even if someone opens the cage, sets you free, shoos you out, and yells,

"This world is yours! Use your wings! You are free! So go and BE FREE!"

The cage may be gone, but you will not be free. You gave that up long ago, because to take responsibility for Being was too much on bear.

For it did not happen all at once.

But day by day, little by little, choice by choice- you gave it up.

But if it is not too late, if there is any glimmer of hope for freedom- no matter how small it may be- you must choose, Little Bird. Even if it is simply as small as what flavor of gum to chew, you must choose. With each choice, no matter how simple, minute, or insignificant, with every choice you make, you are dismantling the cage and enabling your freedom.

Don't you see?!

You, alone, are responsible for the life you've been given to live- so live.

It does not have to be glamorous to be meaningful and good.

You don't need high society to live a life which is valuable.

All you need, is to look yourself in the eye.

Are you okay with what you see?

I mean, really take a look at yourself- all that is good, bad, lovely, and unspeakable.

Take it in.

And say,

"This is your permission."

No one else is responsible for your freedom. No one else gives you permission, except you, and it's all you need.

Now go live the life you choose to lead, Little Bird.

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