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Graduating with a degree in Vocal Music Education, Laura has spent the last five years teaching nationally and internationally in diverse settings with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. 



Motivated by a deep belief in global connectedness and kinship, Laura is moved by human relationships across lines of difference. Her travel musings are more than to-do lists, they're stories of friendship, experiences of wonder, and perspectives on what it means to be human.



Having a love for story since a young age, Laura views writing as a way to synthesize and process life. Her love for the world and for people, motivates her to pay attention to life’s lessons with the belief that beauty and sacredness is intertwined in our every day as well as the extraordinary.



A new avenue of creative communication for Laura, she finds great joy in the art of paying attention. Communicating gratitude, wonder, and whimsy Laura’s prose and poems are reflections of life lived near and far. 



Falling in love with the complexities and challenges of jazz music in her adolescence, Laura has since become known for her ability to perform a variety of genres with vocal flexibility and ease. From performing folk music in local breweries, to leading worship at the Vail Church, and swinging alongside the musicians of Vail Jazz, Laura has made a name for herself as a young professional with a wide-breadth of vocal ability.